Green Woodwork Space Mk III

So the Spring and Summer have been busy here. In April I began construction of a new Green Woodwork space / Outdoor studio. A more permanent structure that I needed to build by myself using only hand tools. Quite a task, but a  great site was found amongst coppice with tree shelter to protect against those prevailing South westerlies.

New Space Beginning to Take Shape

I decided to use chestnut posts for the uprights to protect against rot, but as I could only obtain posts 8′ long I had to raise the posts at the front on stone pads (Japanese style) to gain the height needed. Thanks to David Hurle for the advise how to go about this. The posts to the rear of the structure (on the right in the above photot) I could dig straight in with a base of hardcore at the bottom of the hole.

I used the structure for the new pole lathe as an additional brace for the largest central chestnut post. Note: the tripods of hazel used for the front posts are only temporary to provide stability during construction.

The horizontal crossbeams were made using Sitka Spruce (long and straight) that was left over from the straw bale house build on site.

Once the crossbeams were put into place (with help from a couple of willing friends :-)) then I could start putting the roof on. As this was an open sided structure it needed to be light but firm and I decided, after much thought about turf roofs, to go with a modern roofing material. I chose Coraline / Onduline as it was within budget, made from bitumised organic material, light, guaranteed for 15 years and easy to remove if necessary.

All in all I am very happy with the final result, and this summer saw a peaceful oasis of calm in the woods amongst a maelstrom of Olympic fervour.


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