Bushcraft Day – 12th February 2011

We were pleased to host another Bushcraft day for the pupils from St Ives E.C.M. schools cluster.

The itinerary was Fire + Clean Water, passing on the following skills:

  • Lighting fire with a firesteel
  • Fire preparation
  • Using a match to light a fire
  • What is clean water? Filtering dirty water, boiling clean water.
  • Wild food tea – Finding nettle, goosegrass, sorrel and gorseflower then back to camp for a taste test!!

The weather on the day was atrocious! It poured down all day without even a break for 10 mins, but the kids were having a great time and coped amazingly well under difficult circumstances.

Hooray! Successful and safe firelighting.

It was also decided that nettle was the most exciting tea, gorseflower the most colourful and also the best taste…well thats what the adults thought anyway!!


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