Green Woodwork Space – Mk II

During the harsh storms of December and January the original bender structure built to act as a shelter for the Green Woodwork space partly collapsed!!

Partly Collapsed bender structure looking very sorry for itself!

Lessons were learned and, as well as using more woven willow and hazel in the roof of the structure to give it strength and stability, I decided to also insert living willow uprights in-between the hazel already used. This provided a much stronger structure which will only grow in strength as it gets older (with a minimum of maintenance).

Bright and Happy Green Woodwork Space – Mk II

I wanted the space to provide lots of light, be made from found materials only, be open to having a fire inside and also provide shelter from the rain. The “living bender” structure created does all these things and is also adaptable to different weather conditions, where we can add tarpaulins if it is needed, and easily remove them if there is a long, hot summer (we wish!).

Inside the cosy new space

The new space enables me to permanently have the pole lathe set up without the worry it will get damp and wet. The bird poo on the lathe bed also indicates my avian friends are also enjoying the space, which brings a smile to my face.

The pole lathe set up (finally!)

Initially I wanted to have the pole lathe cord through the roof connected to a sycamore tree branch which stretches overhead. However, this meant I had to face the wall at the rear of the structure. Instead I decided to use a bungee cord wrapped around the horizontal roof strut.

Pole Lathe Bungee

The space is modifying and finding its own place within the orchard where it sits. I hope to document its development over the coming months and years.

What!? Another cup of tea?

NB; Tripod, chain and hook used in the photo above care of David the on-site blacksmith!



One Response to “Green Woodwork Space – Mk II”

  1. Audrey Says:

    This is a topic which is near to my heart… Take care!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

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