Plan-It Earth Tree Planting – (Grid Ref 420291)

In return for my help on the Geodome project Rachel and David agreed to let me plant a small area of their land with ash trees. This long term coppicing project began in Winter 2008 with the planting of 30 – 40 ash trees (bare root stock) in 3 lines at the bottom of one of their fields.

To plant trees using the method described below you will need the following:

  • 1 x spade,
  • 1 x tree (in this case bare root stock)
  • 1 x tree guard
  • 1 x stake
  • 1m sq black mulching plastic/old carpet

The process for planting bare root stock (small whips approx 1ft tall) is this:

  1. Push spade in to make two slits in a “T” shape. Full spade depth.
  2. Lift turf by levering spade in slits.
  3. Place Bare root stock in the gap created, making sure roots all covered.
  4. Take out spade and firmly tread on turf around tree.
  5. Place tree guard around tree, and push in stake to support it (avoid damaging roots!)
  6. Cut a slit in centre of black mulching plastic just large enough to fit around tree guard.
  7. Place plastic over tree guard, flat on ground so that tree is rising out of centre.
  8. Push corners of plastic into ground with spade to secure it, and prevent wind from blowing it around.

It was a rainy, blustery Winters day when i planted the trees, but who should turn up just as I was finishing….

Mac, Annie, Pete and Debs pretending to do all the hard work!

Mac, Annie, Pete and Debs pretending to do all the hard work!

…and from meeting them all that day Annie decided to invite me to the residency at Treloan.


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