Plan-It Earth Geodome – (Grid Ref 420291)

May 2008 – Getting to know Rachel and David Smart Knight who run the Plan-It Earth Eco Project in Sancreed has been a real pleasure. Full of ideas and enthusiasm for re-skilling and educating people of all ages in sustainable living, they practice what they preach.

Project 1: Geodome.

The first project I worked on with them was the construction of a large space to be used for the use of educational groups during the Spring/Summer/Autumn. The space needed to be large, and the skeleton of the structure could be a permanent feature (and needed to be maintenance free), but the covering would need to be removed in the Winter months (or whenever not in use) due to planning restrictions and regulations.

It was decided we would build a 30ft diameter geodome from tubular steel, and paint it to prevent rust. (I did have reservations about the choice of materials, but wood does need a lot of maintenance and if left has a lifespan too short to be considered). David built a scale model of the structure to double check sizes of poles and quantity (“Measure twice, cut once”, as my Dad says!). Weeks of cutting, drilling, hammering and painting ensued, but eventually the structure was erected.

The geodome skeleton

The geodome skeleton

And now the space is avaiable to be used by groups to provide a warm comforatcble educational space, close to the Nature.

Educational Space at Plan-It Earth.

Educational Space at Plan-It Earth.


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