Plan-It Earth Bushcraft – (Grid Ref 420291)

With many years teaching under my belt I hope to re-introduce knowledge and skills that many people and communities have lost (or forgotten) in an enthusiastic and positive way. Working with whole communities, groups or individuals I design and deliver bespoke courses, workshops and residencies which pass on these skills and re-connect participants to the Environment and each other; all based on the clients’ needs and locality.

One of the overall aims of all the courses being to empower participants to be more self-reliant and independent, better prepared for an uncertain and changing world. The practical and experiential nature of all the courses also enables participants to develop creative problem solving skills and gain confidence in themselves.

Bushcraft Workshop at Plan-It Earth

Bushcraft Workshop at Plan-It Earth

Previous course have included skills such as:

  • Fire making (by friction, compression and modern methods)
  • Archery and bow construction
  • Cordage
  • Net construction and application
  • Willow coppicing
  • Hurdle making
  • Wild food
  • Charcoal Burning
  • Camp craft
  • Green woodworking
  • Neolithic Painting and Art

Next course is on the 18th July 2009 at Plan-It Earth Eco project.


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