Beacon Wood – (Grid Ref: 413298)

Situated in the Northern corner of Sancreed Beacon, Beacon wood originally started out as a piece of disused land overgrown with brambles and bracken. Local tree warden Tony Hole began helping the regeneration of the land by planting native tree species on there in the mid 1980’s with the verbal consent of the Land owners Cornwall Heritage Trust (CHT).

Tree Planting Beacon Wood - Winter 2009

One thing we need in Cornwall is more trees! Centuries of gradual deforestation and little replanting have severely depleted the tree covearge in this part of West Cornwall. In my opinion they are a necessary and largely understocked resource, so every patch of woodland becomes very precious.

However, things are never that simple and since the early 2000’s the area has been designated an area of Lowland Heathland, and English Nature pay the CHT an annual maintenance fee to maintain it as such.

As an area of Lowland Heathland one course of action the CHT could take is to uproot any trees!!! So, Tony and I met representatives of English Nature and CHT to discuss this in March 2009. The outcome of that meeting was that CHT agreed to take the 6 – 7 acres of woodland already planted out of the Lowland Heathland scheme, letting the community have the area as a woodland, if the community would help upkeep the Beacon. This they then put in writing to the parish Council.


One Response to “Beacon Wood – (Grid Ref: 413298)”

  1. karen howse Says:

    Hi Greg well done for getting this off the ground. I am also a great tree enthusiast! The benifits for the ecological community (humans included!) will be huge. I am also struggling with the authentic documentation thing. Blogs seem to fit in well with your way of working. The documentation can evolve as the work evolves. It just takes time. I always think short blog entries work just as well.

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